Louise Nelson runs Studio 86 and has been obsessed with glass since 1995.

“It all started with an innocent part time job in a stained glass studio, the amazing sheets of colour really had a profound effect. Still I marvel at how glass will change in varying light conditions. Then there are colour combinations that sing when placed together. Actual textures on the surface of the glass add yet more interest and delight my textile origins, it is an amazing medium to work in.

However I became disheartened with stained glass in the late 1990's as all the cheap imported lamps flooded the market and like may skilled crafts people before me I struggled to compete. After experimenting with fusing for a while I then took a course in lampworking.  This has proved to be the "key stone" for my current work. Creating glass shapes in front of my eyes is akin to painting with glass and it enables me to add the small detail that stained glass cannot provide.

The future is full of possibilities as I explore various combinations of stained glass, fusing and lampworking techniques.”